Antoni Miralda

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Nadal Estomacal, 2015

Special Art Project for Havas Media.

Nadal Estomacal is an art project for Havas Media by Antoni Miralda. The artist focuses on gathering around the table as a chance, in all cultures, to talk and share. Just as food is a symbol and an offering to communicate our gratitude to those with whom we share the table, with this project he creates a series of removable stickers, which are symbols related to Christmas, gastronomic and cultural imaginaries to encourage game, interaction and communication.

For Nadal Estomacal, Miralda proposes an imaginary that he has been developing in a great variety of projects around the world. Here, the stomach is again the main character of a series of folders with which he proposes a participatory game. Thus, each folder in the project contains a sheet with removable stickers, a passé-partout in the shape of a stomach and a background as a proposal for pasting on the stickers. The game starts here: with the artist’s invitation to stick and unstick them as one wishes, turning Nadal Estomacal into a project on diversity, signification and interpretation.

Nadal Estomacal, Antoni Miralda, 2015.

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