Arash Fayez

(Tehran, 1984)

Apolis, 2018-2021

Work on paper
310 pages, each 21.6 by 27.9 cm

Apolis is a project about my life as a person without a defined migratory status from 2014 to 2018. It is a compilation of two types of material presented in two layers. The lower layer is my complete US immigration dossier; contains forms, applications and update notes of my own process. This layer, which functions as the background for each work, includes private information abou myself, my family, my friends, as well as other information I had to disclose during interrogations.

The top layer is a collection of photografs I took over those four years. The photographs appear over the official documents in the form of a collage. Each page of the official document acts as a canvas and a selection of the photographs will be overlaid on the page. Instead of blacking out text in the process known as 'redaction', sensitive information will be covered by photographs from my everyday life, using a process similar to thay known as 'sanitisation'. This method of layering is a metaphor for being 'in-between' and literally being stuck in the middle of a pile of papers.