Arash Fayez

(Tehran, 1984)

A Night That Never Ends, 2020

Performative work. From sunset to the beginning of the night

A Night That Never Ends is a hybrid between a performance and a theatrical play for three performers. This work explores the physical and mental states of being in limbo. It aims to point at situations of displacement from a location to another without speaking about them directly. Instead, this project investigates the characteristics of this unnamed and uncertain condition by reflecting on the empirical observations of a person without a country.


A Night That Never Ends was developed during a residency program at the Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, in Summer 2020. This work is inspired by events in the lives of Alireza Parvin, Aras Ibrahim, Hooman Parvin, Milad Rajabi, M.B, and P.H. The artist would like to thank each of them for their contribution towards making this project happen.