Arash Fayez

(Tehran, 1984)

Concatenation, Conjunction, Connection, 2016

Single channel video, color/sound

Since Fall 2016, a series of one minute (or less) long videos have been produced and posted by the artist on his Instagram account. Each one of these videos is an unmethodical assemblage of fragments as a personal diary. Beyond their online existence, these videos are presented as an ongoing project under the umbrella title of “Concatenation, Conjunction, Connection*.”


Each time the work is showed, a new assemblage of all the videos up to the day of the screening and form a new version of the video. The videos come together without any editing and by using one conjunction: “and”—a conjunction gives possibility for a fragmented storytelling without any narrative. The oval loop recreates a different order of the videos each time the concatenation ends. No original version and so no story exists.


* The title of this work is borrowed from the introduction of Franco “Bifo” Berardi’s book And: Phenomenology of the End.