Arash Fayez

(Tehran, 1984)

Héctor: Mil Disculpas, 2015

Single channel video, color/sound, 6 min 21 sec, continuous loop

Héctor: Mil Disculpas is a video essay in which the artist fictionally travels to Mexico to find the forty-three students who disappeared in Iguala. This journey takes place in the realm of the imaginary and is based on references such as Google Maps, a friend’s cellphone videos, and found footage. During this trip, the artist is in communication with an unknown person named Héctor* about his thoughts, observations, and pseudo- memories generated by watching these visual materials.


While searching for the students, the artist finds himself frustrated and hopeless to obtain any information or clue about their location. Moving between memories and illusional thoughts, he comes to realize the affinity between this event and a similar story that happened in his home country a few years prior. By juxtaposing these two stories, Héctor: Mil Disculpas suggests the way in which the brain of a displaced person projects memories, conceptions, and impressions about a place in a potentially parallel yet essentially different location.

* this piece was commissioned by the artist-run space Héctor based in Mexico City.