Arash Fayez

(Tehran, 1984)

Yek Video-ye Bedoun-e Onvān, 2013

Single channel HD video, color/sound, 5 min 40 sec

This video is the first work created by the artist after moving to the United States from his hometown in 2011. In a public space in San Francisco, the artist filmed himself shaving his beard with scissors and razor without using soap or water. This performance-for-camera, which lasted for about twenty minutes, addresses the complexity of moving to a new location and the impossibility of transformation of one’s identity.


The title of the work, Yek Video-ye Bedoun-e Onvān, is written in Persian using Latin alphabet. It literally translates to An Untitled Video which suggests the attempt to use a Western alphabet but the semantic inability to communicate what needs to be expressed.