Carlos Casas

(Barcelona, 1974)

Cemetery Archive works (Magnum Opus), 2020

Multi-channel video installation. 7 monitors 4:3 video, color & B/W, on loop.
Ed 3 + 1 AP

This video installation functions as a puzzle of audiovisual experimentation and video notes presented on different monitors. Through them, Casas subjects the classics of cinema, which have forged his imaginary to a kind of audiovisual alchemical process; experimenting with their times, narrative modalities, colours, textures and formal structures, of films such as S. Van Dyke’s Tarzan (1932), The Jungle Book (1942), and Elephant Boy by Zoltan Korda, or Chang (1927) by Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack. All of them adventure films in which the jungle serves as a stage for the encounter between humans and animals, as well as the breaking of borders and limits of nature in its pure state.