Carlos Casas

(Barcelona, 1974)

Krakatoa, 2020-2023


The film narrates the last day of Kesuma, a young Bagan fisherman, whom survives living out on his bamboo fishing platform. A few kilometers away from the volcanic island of Krakatoa. After a hard night’s fishing session, where fishes have misteriously dissapeared, Kesuma spends his day repairing its nets and caring for his platform, a giant explosion surprises him and a tsunami engulfs everything, the film is turn upside down. Kesuma wakes up in a deserted island, he was wrecked by the waves and tsunami, castaway he strolls around the island until he finally finds a cave on the coast where he can hide, hoping for the eruption to finish. he prepares himself for the ultimate sacrifice. Nothing can prepare him nor the spectator for what is coming.
Carlos Casas