Carlos Casas

(Barcelona, 1974)

Afterwords, 2000

Film, 35mm
15 min.

A man lives alone inside a closed labyrinth like space which seems to reflect his state of mind.
The windows open into his subconscious to illuminate the desolate and mysterious spectacle of his solitude as if this were the last day of the world, and he the last man able to testify.

"From the darkness to the light of day, from the rubble of the psyche to emptiness, circular movements, concentric circles, an obsession with subjectivity hard on its heels,at the sa
me time rigorous and visionary. Afterwords is a cutting and iconic portrait of a mental space". Martino Marazzi

This work is the result of a meeting between three personalities.
The original idea developed as a kind of "work in progress" meandering among the artists' performances and a suggestive location made up
of memories and solitude. The use
of small digital cameras and advanced video technology was a necessary choice for an atypical film which tries to show the physical and mental experience of a person, from the perspective of his own interior reality.