Carlos Casas

(Barcelona, 1974)

Avalanche, 2009

Film HD, various formats
Various durations

Avalanche is a film about Hichigh, one of the world's highest inhabitated villages in the Pamir mountains (Tajikistan), known as the roof of the world. An audiovisual meditation on disappearance, Avalanche is a research on the relationship between film, music and landscape, a physical as well as a mental experience, transporting the spectator into a state of flotation. One of the most unknown regions in the world, the Pamirs are as mysterious as fascinating, home of some of the most ancient and well kept traditions in the world.

The film follows the dusk of a village bound to disappear, just before it becomes a ghost village, just before its stones and mud houses become part of the mountain again. 

Avalanche is a work in progress, and a site specific film, the film is adapted and reedited in relation to the context on which is presented, each occasion and space changes. It can be presented with live music, as an installation or a single channel film projection.