Cecilia Bengolea

(Buenos Aires, 1979)


Cecilia Bengolea

Cecilia Bengolea: “Neutrino Ensemble”. Copenhagen Contemporary, Denmark. 17.08.23 > 22.10.2023

Cecilia Bengolea’s new film, “Neutrino Ensemble” (2023), takes us on a journey into the world of neutrinos, the smallest and most abundant particles in the universe. Bengolea crosses art with science to create a spectacular visual interpretation of the movement of these particles. She transforms cosmology and astrophysics into a dance, thus connecting performance and scientific disciplines, making for a new method to study anthropology, musicology, and cosmology.

 The film was commissioned by Copenhagen Contemporary for the exhibition Yet, It Moves!, and was made in collaboration with astrophysicists at the DARK research centre at Copenhagen’s Niels Bohr Institute, and with Thierry Foglizzo at the University of Paris VI.

The choreography features the renowned performer Michelle Lámy dancing and moving on an experimental fountain designed by astrophysicist Thierry Foglizzo, simulating movements of attraction between massive stars colliding and producing the particles that humans, and all things, are made of.


Tags: exhibition, screening