Daniela Ortiz

(Cuzco, Perú, 1985)

Recursos Humanos, 2011

Espai 13 - Fundació Miró, Barcelona. Curated by Karin Campbell.
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Human Resources, a new project by Daniela Ortiz, considers how the condition of being “other” impacts the role one plays within a society’s economic and social infrastructure. Ortiz focuses this study through the lens of two countries: her native Peru and Spain, where she moved in 2007. The project traces a conceptual line from the “Laws of the Indies,” established by the Spanish crown in the 15th century to govern the native population in its Latin American colonies, to contemporary immigration law in Spain. Human Resources includes textiles and hundreds of huacos that Ortiz had custom-made in Peru and then exported to Barcelona. In a radical reversal of Spain’s employer/employee paradigm, Ortiz, a nonnative resident, hired three Spanish men to throw the vessels against a wall in Espai 13. Devoid of cultural significance but pregnant with social implications, the shattered huacos litter the gallery floor while a multi-channel video installation documenting the violent act occupies the room’s side corridor. The textiles, made by illiterate indigenous Peruvian women, contain fragments of the laws mentioned above.

The exhibition consisted of: 
_ installation with 400 broken ceramic vessels
_ 10 textiles, 150cm x 100 cm 
_ 3 multi-channel videos

Exhibition view.

Exhibition view Ceramic vessel (huaco) portraits.

Exhibition view 10 textiles 150cm x 100 cm, with fragments from the "Laws of the Indies".

Exhibition view 3 Spanish natives throwing Peruvian ceramics at the wall.

Exhibition view Ceramic vessel (huaco) potraits (remains).