Harun Farocki

(B.1944, Nový Jicin (Neutitschein), Czechoslovakia // D.Berlin, 2014)

Serie: Auge / Machine, Eye / Machine I, 2000

2 channels video installation, 23 min, beta sp color

The film is centered on the images of the Gulf War which caused worldwide sensation in 1991. According to a theory put forward by the philosopher Klaus Theweleit, in the shots taken from projectiles homing in on their targets, bomb and reporter were identical. At the same time, it was impossible to distinguish between the photographed and the (computer) simulated images. The loss of the 'genuine picture' means that the eye no longer has a role as historical witness. It has been said that what was brought into play in the Gulf War was not new weaponry but rather a new policy on images. In this way the basis for electronic warfare was created. Harun Farocki explores here the question of how military image technologies find their way into civilian life.