IM Heung-soon

(Corea del Sur, 1969)

Prayer-Jeju 4.3 and Sung Si (Symptom and Sign, Night, Woman), 2011


Jeju Island "is so unlike the mainland as to almost not be Korean, and yet it is. Im’s works defines loss and degradation of these people without falling into indignation."

Fragment of the review by Julia Marsh.

Sung Si (Symptom and Sign, Night, Woman), 2011 HD video, 24 min. 30 sec. Still image.

Long goodbye, 2011 HD video, 4 min. 50 sec. Still image.

Nameless Scenery, 2011 Inkjet prints, 120x80cm.

Jeju Note, 2011 Inkjet prints, 40 page, 80 cut, 42x29.7cm.

Archive of the Dead, 2011 (2014) Wooden seal, spoon, monitor, stone.