Joan Fontcuberta

(Barcelona, 1955)

Frottogramas, 1988

Silver chloro-bromuro print treated with copper, selenium and sulphur
100 x 60 cm.


This series appears as if it appropriates Max Ernst’s technique of frottage by rubbing the negative against the photographed objects. It thus suggests a variety of forms while putting on evidence its accidents. To Kill photography: that is to see them both as material and gesture at the same time. The image is then perceived as an object of violence. It could address a visual experience strengthened by touch and contact, thus becoming physical and appearing to the senses at the same time.


Se trata de una serie en la que parece que se apropia de Max Ernst y del frottage. Restriega los negativos contra los elementos fotografiados. Sugerir la forma pero evidenciar los accidentes. Asesinar la fotografía: vérselas a la vez con la materia y el gesto. La imagen como depósito de la violencia. Podría tratarse de una experiencia visual potenciada con el tacto y el contacto. Lo físico, lo sensual.


Frottograms: Leuscostele Rivierei, 1987 Silver chlorobromide print treated with copper, selenium and sulphur 100 x 60 cm.

Frottograms: Monadenium Shubei, 1987 Silver chlorobromide print treated with selenium and sulphur. 100 x 60 cm

Installation view at the Juana Mordó Gallery, Madrid, April – May, 1989; IVAM, Valencia, November, 1992 – January, 1993

Agave Americana I

Agave Americana II