Joaquim Lluciá

(Barcelona, 1923)

Collage, 1972

Silver paper on canvas
116 x 88.5 cm. / 117 x 89.5 cm

The use of metallic paper becomes indispensable to Llucià, as much for its formal composition as for the change in light captured by the reflective qualities of the material. Moreover, the artist chose from a limited palette, olors that varied from silver, to pinks and greys with touches of golds, reds and blues. This technique allowed him to experiment with contrast, flexibility, and lightness and heaviness on his works. Llucià participated in numerous group exhibitions but only twice held a solo show in Spain, both of them during the same year of his death: one at the Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc, Barcelona, and the other at Tom Maddock Gallery, Sitges.