Lúa Coderch

(Iquitos, Perú, 1982)

Night in a Remote Cabin Lit by a Kerosene Lamp, 2015

Digital video |16:9, single channel, color, sound
11min 30 sec


"I promised I would send you some pictures of the shelters I'm building in the woods. I cannot show you more because I was working until late and night came suddenly. I still had to walk to the village. The place where I built the shelter was beautiful. Off the path, near a cliff (but not too close). You know what the landscape is like around here. Not as aggressively beautiful as in other places. Unlike in your country, perhaps. Here the landscape is a little poorer, more austere, nothing exuberant. It is "eixut", which is a word we use here to say that something is dry, unadorned, with little meat, or of a few words.”

Night in a Remote Cabin Lit by a Kerosene Lamp (2015) is a new work produced by the artist, a short videographic correspondence in which the construction of shelters in nature, those precarious structures in which one could hardly survive for one night, is being used as an excuse to start a conversation. With this new video piece, Coderch creates a parallel response to what she has gathered from Michael Snow’s Video Fields, currently on show at àngels barcelona.