Mabel Palacín

(Barcelona, 1965)

180º, 2011

Installation.Video. Color Photography.
Various dimensions.

180º is the project of Mabel Palacin that represented Catalonia and the Balearic Islands in the 54th Venice Biennale (2011). Through a picture that becomes multiple, 180º deals with issues such as the city and the image, the point of view and the position of the viewer. The creation of an image reproduced virally is proposed, multiplied and jumping from one format to another, transforming to exist.

180º takes its name from what in cinema is known as the 180 degree rule, whereby the camera, taking shots and counter shots, should not jump off the imaginary line of 180 degrees, as this would create confusion about the spatial position of the characters. The camera must choose one side of the "axis of action" so that the characters remain on the same side (left or right) of the screen and the viewer does not get spatially disoriented.

This is an installation in which an image is reproduced and translated into different mediums that carry different relations between the viewer and the image.

180º is a full shot, the picture of city street. According to the digital logic, the image is constructed from many takes that break the shot so that the image can allow enough definition even in the smallest details. The image then passes through different mutations: a series of videos, 110 smaller photos, which appear as a book edited for the occasion, portions of the initial image that explodes and is fragmented into some parts, which inevitably form new stories, as each fragment, isolated, creates new meanings, working as a microstories.

The 6 videos, arising from the same original photograph, fragment the shot by applying another grammar, the moving image, which temporalizes the image. Through tracking shots, zooms and framing what we have is a series of videos from a single image in which the camera moves across the surface of the photograph to tell other stories, one that could be considered more collective and another 5 that adopt “subjective” points of view attributable to the 5 characters in the picture. 

180º, Color photography, Ed. 7 + 1 HC. 150 x 285 cm.

Installation view of 180º (2011), shown at the 54th International Art Exhibition: the Venice Biennale -- Catalonia and Balearic Islands Pavilion.