Mabel Palacín

(Barcelona, 1965)

Hinterland, 2009

C-photograph on dibond, 180 x 178 cm, Ed. 3/5
and Video, uncompressed digital Master Video, 14 min. Ed. 3/5

"Hinterland" is a territory or area of influence. The word "hinterland", in German, literally means "the land behind" (a city, a port, etc.). In a larger sense, the term refers to the extent of a settlement's sphere of influence. It is an area whose commercial nexus is the central settlement. One may consider the "Hinterland" those zones around a city that, overcoming the notion of the peripheral, become crucial to the cities themselves, developing an enormous influence over them. 

Hinterland is part of a project that addresses the question of the multiple nature of images, in this sense it considers the point of view as a fundamental element in the construction of an image. Maintaining a particularly extreme perspective: the "god-view" of video games and satellites, it demonstrates that vision is related to having a body in the world, and that one does not see only with the eyes, but also with the body. 

Hinterland photographs a very large, general territory occupied by a series of people and objects, seen from far away and from a high vantage point. Following the logic suggested by the type of optic employed, the telephoto lens of the camera does not approach the object, but rather, the image of the object. Hinterland is both photography and video and takes advantage of the double nature of each medium. The camera does not move through physical space, travelling instead through a photograph, an image torn from time. Hinterland is an enormously contaminated territory where the photograph and moving image, images and language, or sound as a constructive element converge. It reconsiders the contemporary problems of the "media", in such a way that one idea materializes as two different ones, so that at the end it does not pertain to any medium specifically. 

Hinterland will be presented at LOOP'09 (28-30th of May) and at the Museo Berardo (Contemporary Art Museum of Lisbon) on the 28th of May, included in the exhibition dedicated to the artist with the same title. 


"HInterland", 2009. Color photograph on dibond, 180 x 178 cm. Ed 5.

Exhibition view of the installation "Hinterland", 2008/9.Color photograph on Dibond, 180 x 175 cm. Exhibition: Le Choix du spectateur, ESBAMA. Montpellier, 2014.Photo: Luc Jennepin

"Hinterland", 2009. C-photograph on dibond, 180 x 178 cm, Ed. 5. Shown at the exhibition, "Narrativas de la Imagen", Caixaforum Zaragoza, 2014, Spain.

"Hinterland", 2009. Color HD video.Ed. 5. Exhibition, "Narrativas de la Imagen",Caixaforum Zaragoza, 2014, Spain.

Exhibition view of the installation "Hinterland", 2008/9.Video, 16:9. 14 min 9 sec.Exhibition: Le Choix du spectateur, ESBAMA. Montpellier, 2014.

Hinterland, 2009. Film still.

Hinterland, 2009. Film still.

Hinterland, 2009. Film still.

Hinterland, 2009. Film still.