Michael Snow

(Toronto, 1928)

In the Way, 2011

Video installation, proyection, color 23’10”


In the Way, he continues to explore new implications, challenges and surprises for the viewer. In this case he uses a peculiar travelling movement, inviting us to sit in the middle of the image, “in the way” of the screening, a permanently moving image that can affect us even in a physiologic way.
This piece intends to defy our –default- automatic approximation to whatever is visible by using a composition strategy that threatens the tools we normally use to process our perceptions. By detaching the spectator from reality, representation and reception conventionalisms are both revised.


In the Way can have varied meanings. If something is in the way it is an obstacle. A common use of way is: 'something is in my way' meaning that 'something is impeding my progress'.

A way fundamentally describes a path or road as in the word highway. One can also in yet another usage say 'I do something my way', meaning 'my personal method'.

My projection work In the Way urges the spectator to look at the results of a camera moving this 'way' or that 'way'. It also invites the spectator to stand in the image, to in fact be 'in the way' (in the road).

The image consists of constantly panning views shot from directly above at varying speeds over a very rocky and very muddy road. The road sometimes gradually becomes grassy, so that besides the very rough road images there are also passages looking down on and moving over fields of grasses and flowers. Hard and soft.

In movie terminology, the moving images should be described as 'trucking shots' and in fact the images of  In the Way were shot from a structure on the back of a truck.

I am interested in the physiological and psychological effects of panning (trucking) images. Seeing the movements of In the Way horizontally (as they were seen by the camera in real life) will cause new physical and mental experiences in the viewer.

Michael Snow,
April 2011


In the way, continúa explorando nuevas formas de implicar, desafiar y sorprender al espectador. En este caso, utiliza un travelling muy particular que nos invita a instalarnos en medio de la imagen, a situarnos 'in the way' de la proyección, una imagen en movimiento permanente que nos puede llegar a afectar a nivel fisiológico.
Cómo es habitual en el trabajo de Snow, esta obra pretende desafiar nuestra aproximación automática -por defecto- a lo visible, mediante una estrategia compositiva que pone en jaque las herramientas con las que habitualmente procesamos lo percibido. Al desfamiliarizar al espectador respecto a la realidad, se revisan tanto los convencionalismos de la representación como los de la recepción.


Installation view at Loop'2011

Installation view at Loop'2011