Michael Snow

(Toronto, 1928)

See you later / Au revoir, 1990

16 mm, color, sonido.18 min.


See You Later/Au revoir uses a simple slow motion technique to transform a routine workplace into what the artist has described as "a slightly activated Vermeer." The image shows a staged, formally complete, common event. The real-time action, which took 30 seconds, was extended to become 17.5 minutes on the screen. The sync sound of the typewriter and two voices (He: "Goodbye"; She: "See you later") was slowed down the same amount of time.


See You Later / Au Revoir es un film que emplea la cámara lenta para convertir una acción trivial que dura 30 segundos en una fotografía ligeramente activada. La banda sonora, compuesta por el sonido de una máquina de escribir y dos voces (Él: “Good bye”; ella: “See you later), es también ralentizada.



Still from See you later/Au revoir

Still from See you later/Au revoir