Mireia c. Saladrigues

(Terrassa, 1978)

Buscaré un lugar para ti, 2014

Series of 4 color photographs.

’ll Find a Place for You is a collaborative work with the (real) security guard Francisco Manuel Ferrús. He becomes Manferri when singing Juan Bau and Nino Bravo; and he rehearses in Fundació Antoni Tàpies during his rounds, when the museum is closed.

In the framework of the project, he discloses this dual condition in different moments and spaces. Manuel’s personal documents are displayed in unusual areas of

the galleries, like traces of his presence on the invisible doors that hide the fire extinguishers. When Manferri is at work, his voice occupies all the existing spaces while surprises visitors who encounter a security guard rehearsing at work, in the underground exhibition rooms. This agency overtakes all institutional conventions when he performs his first solo concert Manferri Live in front of the painting Urbilder (1988) by Antoni Tàpies, and most of the audience are faced with the choice of joining in on the chorus of the cheesy popular Spanish songs or behaving in accordance with what is expected at a museum under the observation of fellow audience members.

A photographic series documents and visually narrates I’ll Find a Place for You when portraying Francisco Manuel/Manferri at his round with a microphone as part of his work equipment.

"Buscaré un lugar para ti", 2013. Color photgraphy.

"Buscaré un lugar para ti", 2013. Color photography.

"Buscaré un lugar para ti", 2013. Color photography.