Musquiqui Chihying

(Taipei, 1985)

The Sculpture, 2020-2020

Video installlation 1920 x 1080. 2 Channels, 5.1 Sound. Photograph B&W, C- Print,
28 min. / 150 x 150 cm.

The Sculpture, an experimental documentary consisting of performance and photographs, focusses on the recently established collection of African art in the National Museum of China in Beijing. Through carefully inspecting these foreign objets d’art, the film attempts to explore the essential meaning of museums, and also the geopolitical relations as constructed by the Asian, African and European continents. Through the transformation and appropriation of Maurice Jarnoux’s iconic photograph of André Malraux in 1954 standing next to his prototypical art book “Imaginary Museum”, this new filmic stage reveals aspects of the collection which are otherwise hidden by the dark obscurity of museums.