Oriol Vilanova

(Manresa, 1980)


Oriol Vilanova

Oriol Vilanova (Solo Show): “The end of the ancient world”, Beige, Brussels 7.09.22 > 29.10.22

For his show at BEIGE, Vilanova reconstructed the bargaining act at the flea market. The exhibition’s title ‘the end of the ancient world’ touches on themes such as the economic recession, and the dominance of numbers in our daily lives. In a typical deadpan manner, the artist recalls the price negotiation between the seller and the buyer in two communicating columns with numbers. It visualizes the dynamics of the process and the performative act of the transaction. 

“Economical Poems are the memory of a conversation, sometimes heard, sometimes experienced. Moments of bargaining. Price and value. Empathy and sharing. In an oral language, immaterial as the economy. Economical Poems reproduce the process of bargaining between the seller and the buyer. The market as a poetic experience.” – Oriol Vilanova

The work of the artist resonates strongly with the work of other conceptual artists. The minimal paintings are hand painted on wood referring to the wooden signs used on the market. Yet when one looks closely at the painting, one discovers the painterly quality to the surface. 

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