Pedro G. Romero

(Aracena, 1964)

Cuatro paredes, 1999

Sound installation - 11 min . 4 B/W digital prints on paper.

(ENG)Cuatro paredes ("Four walls") is a work of a different nature. It was a comissioned piece by Patricia Molins and Salvador Albiñana in 1999. The main idea behind it was to create a soundtrack for the section dedicated to the period of 1968 of an exhibition on the history of the University of Valencia. So the result was the creation of these kind of sound collages and it is no coincidence that the pieces are called Romances. The presence of voices of authors, poets and singers is peppered with anonymous tunes, popular romances, the continued drums of bands of Moors and Christians. There are phrases of Jaime Gil de Biedma, Concha Piquer or Raimon. In the exhibition we could see the records and cassettes that were played there, from bands such as the Rolling Stones to the part of the death of the dictator Francisco Franco. And also,  an extensive exploration of the cant in u, the flamenco romances, the kinship of melismatic singing in the Mediterranean area. It’s clear that, the Gil de Biedma that we could hear also turned to the romancero, to the popular sung poems. The death of the student, The death of the general, The death of the exiled and The death of the people, each of these pieces carried these names, but the myth of the author and its return, as Agustín García Calvo said, to that that is located down below, below the people. Garcia Calvo, hated such experiments, but here they are, with the clear intention of not knowing who made them.