Pedro G. Romero

(Aracena, 1964)

Las piedras, 2017

3 x color photography, Bierzo blackboard and digital print on paper
42 x 97 cm/ea

(ENG) Las piedras (The stones), from 2017, produced by the Raval space Tinta Invisible it also belongs to the same cycle of Las espadas of the Archive F.X. It’s a parody – and as Giorgio Agamben says, the parody is a cannibalistic knowledge system that perfectly identifies the author with the parodyed object - of One and Three Chairs by Joseph Kosuth, an otherwise abhorrent artist. Here the differences that we can establish between the "chairs" of Kosuth and the stones of "Romero", are differences of taxonomy, of dictionary, of an understanding of language, grammar, phonology, of apparatuses and the functioning of things, huge and abyssal differences. Differences that perhaps can help us in the task of finding out the nature of these operations in the style of Pedro G. Romero, who seems to do many things at the same time -artist, curator, critic, historian, flamenocographer, musician, poet and many more ridiculous things-. However, he thinks he doesn’t know how to do anything, or that he always does the same thing, a drawing on a page or complex projects within the international art scene, the same parsimony and clumsiness of the hand, the plump fingers, pointing in the air over a blank sheet of paper.