Pedro G. Romero

(Aracena, 1964)

Los Banqueros, 2016

Video, color, HD
27' 47

(ENG) Theatrical performance by José Luis Ortiz Nuevo using texts by Fernando Pessoa published in The Book of Disquiet and related to The Anarchist Banker. Archivo FX is based on an archive that Romero has been compiling since 1999. Within the archive are more than one thousand “entries” linking the history (histories) of anticlerical iconoclasm in Spain with international positions of the modern avant-garde. Meaning that, each individual iconoclastic image document to be found here is recorded under the name of an artist, a movement, an institution, or a work from the avant-garde. Furthermore, each entry comprises textual fragments of varying origin, which alternately allude to the iconoclastic act documented by the image and to the author or work named in the keyword. Archivo F.X. interrelates the seemingly irreconcilable. In so doing, this “archive machine” sets into motion a steady reconfiguration of things: suspended between this “center” and its “peripheries” is a multifarious net of cross-references that evokes an interminable process of de- and recontextualization. In the archive entry of Los Banqueros (The Bankers) a theatrical performance in four monologues, based on Pessoa’s texts, constitutes a critical intervention that encourages the viewer to rethink the salient issues in today’s global and finance-dominated capitalism