Pep Agut

(Terrassa, 1961)

Sinapsi, 2011

B&W duratran print in LED lightbox. 120 x 150 cm



This piece is a light box that reproduces the negative of a landscape photographed in black and white in a large format (120 x 150 cm). The enlarged negative image shows the structure of a large cement bridge across a river and the reeds below moving with the wind. The low position of the camera, the vegetation concealing the horizon and, above all, the structure’s size visually impose the line created by the bridge and its path crossing from one riverbank to the other. The title separates the image from the moment of its physical and contextual representation, providing a sense of irony by placing it, metaphorically, as the space of neurological connections and synapses.


Synapse. B&W duratran print in LED lightbox, 120 x 150 cm / Sinapsis. B&N Caja de luz de leds con Duratrans, 120 x 150 cm.