Pep Agut

(Terrassa, 1961)

Universal measures (all the paintings in the world), 2016

160 dianegative (80 + 80) and double slide projectors

As the artist explains: ‘Universal measures is based upon the list of dimensions for canvas paintings developed in France in the 18th century after Le Brun’s Academy. He developed sizes for ‘Figure’, ‘Landscape’ and ‘Seaside’ subjects. The ones used in my piece correspond to the ‘Figure’ ones. When displaying the double aleatory projection you get all the combinations that painters could use mixing the different parts of the frames. In my work contemporaneity and tradition are always mixed. I love both Art History and Contemporary Art. My maxima is that of the Russian artist Wladimir Tatlin: ‘Not the old, not the new, but the necessary’. The images were photographed from my computer’s monitor with an analogue camera to produce film images. I am interested on the displacement of new technologies in order to bring them back to analogue and thus placing them in relation with my body".