Pere Llobera

(, 0000)

S/T (Vida reticulada), 2007

Grafito sobre papel
38,5 x 28 cm

(ENG) In a TV interview with Heine Müller by Alexander Kluge, I was surprised when Kluge asked Müller how he had managed to write a sonnet whilst in hospital (where he had been convalescing) and he the answered the following:

-You know, strict forms help us to cope with pain 

When I made this #drawing I had not yet heard this fabulous answer (...) If painters during a  creative crisis (or who are in pain) tend to go towards grids and geometric shapes; if people whilst traveling in the underground do Sudoku; if when we get home we want to see a simple and rewarding television format like 'The Alphabet Game...The purpose of this is to feel that something of everything that surrounds us and threatens us, for once, is working as we had planned.

Everything under control: the one who draws in a grid has under control the system with which he wants to represent the scene; the protagonist of the drawing has under control his daily life (even if he wants to have a 4x4 like the one in the advertisements); the dog lying down, behaves and doesn't break anything; the house, the jacket, EVERYTHING is under an infernal control because "the devil only wants us to feel boredom" and we have to fight him .... If you have the strength, of course.

(Fragment of a text by Pere Llobera)