Phill Niblock

(USA, 1933, 2024)

Photographs from the 60's, 1965-1969

Black and white photographs dry mounted onto a passepartout
34 x 38 cm each

The photographs shown in our main gallery space were shown for the first time in 1966 at The Underground Gallery, at 51 East 10th Street in New York, Niblock’s first solo show.The photographs in this series are selected shots from his journeys around New York City and the wider east coast during that time. The series is a precursor of his environment series and has been shown only recently in his retrospective in Lausanne*. All the prints are vintage.

Set of 15 original prints, vintage, exhibited at Underground Gallery, New York, in 1966, 1965-1966


*Phill Niblock Nothing but working - A Retrospective. Mathieu Copeland (ed) and published by Walther Koenig, 2023. An Exhibition by Matthieu Copeland at Circuit, Contemporary Art Centre and Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland, 30 January – 14 May, 2013.


'Untitled 1'

'Untitled 2'

'Untitled 3'

'Untitled 4'

'Untitled 5'

'Untitled 6'

'Untitled 7'

'Untitled 8'

'Untitled 9'

'Untitled 10'

'Untitled 11'

'Untitled 13'

'Untitled 12'

'Untitled 14'

'Untitled 15'