Phill Niblock

(USA, 1933, 2024)

Raoul, 1968-1969

16mm transferred to digital file(2023), color, sound, 20 min.
4:3 format.

 It´s  a  portrait film of the painter Raoul Middleman, making extensive use of time-lapse film techniques. The soundtrack is improvised by Raoul Middleman and Phill Niblock.

The film is part of Six Films series from the 60s when Phill Niblock started shooting in 16mm film and documenting through film his encounters with musicians, painters, actors, and dancers. Those encounters led to a series of 6 sound films made in quick succession between 1966 and 1969, and later collected as Six Films  This series of films includes traditional portrait-style films as well as abstract and experimental films

video stills