Suzanne Lafont

(Nîmes, 1949)

Situation comedy | Annonce (Ad), 2008-2017

Digital jet print on photograph paper
151 x 143,5 cm (framed)

Situation Comedy (2010) is an installation with which Lafont takes as its starting point "Manipulating the Self: A Borderline Case" (1971) a work by the Canadian art collective General Idea. In this piece the three artists compiled 115 photographs, which were sent to them by different people, in response to the following instructions: “The hand is a mirror for the mind - wrap your arm over your head, lodging your elbow behind and grabbing your chin with your hand.”

Situation Comedy displaces the original B/W images of General Idea’s project by higlighting the spectacular of the entertainment industry, the polished and flashy coloured surfaces of our current highly visual world, as well as the performative actions which, in this case, become somehow a playful game that displays the names of the performer- student and of the original name of the performer whom she or he enacts. In this piece every element can be altered and changed as if it were a board game where the meaning of each image will not be given by the completative state of the viewer but by its situation.