Daniela Ortiz

Daniel Ortiz: artwork "Landscape" at the collaborative exhibition "Anti-Futurismo Cimarrón" in La Virreina, Barcelona, Catalunya. 12.1023 > 31.01.24

The piece "Landscape" by Daniela Ortiz is composed of three series of oil paintings in which the artist reverses her gaze and shows original images of territories in the global south without the destruction produced by the colonial-imperialist civilizational model and without its military institutions, which appear destroyed. The first series, of thirteen paintings, invites us to imagine everyday landscapes not intervened. The second series shows five common homes in Libya before the NATO bombing in 2011. The third and final series imagines the world of restoration: five US military bases that currently operate in different territories of Abya Yala appear in ruins.

This artwork is featured in the exhibition "Maroon Anti-Futurism" at La Virreina Centre de la Imatge. The exhibition explores the hypothetical scenario of the world without Europe as a conceptual entity. It poses questions such as: What would the world be like if Europe, as a trope, ceased to exist? How would it differ if Europe had never existed? The exhibition also delves into the experience of time outside the historical context of European modernity. Additionally, the collaborative nature of the exhibition aligns with Gloria Anzaldúa's notion of artistic work as a healing practice.

Tags: exhibition, barcelona