Daniela Ortiz

Daniela Ortiz (Group Show): "Deportation Regime: 
Artistic responses to state practices and lived experience of forced removal", CAMP, Copenhaguen. 09.09.16> 16.12.16

[ENG] On September 9, CAMP opens with its new exhibition Deportation Regime: 
Artistic responses to state practices and lived experience of forced removal.

Deportation is the forced removal of ‘unwanted foreigners’ from the territory of a state. Every year, hundreds of thousands of rejected asylum seekers, and irregular and undocumented migrants are removed by force from the country they migrated to, and returned to their country of origin against their will. The public is told very little about how deportations are actually carried out, what fate awaits deportees after their forced return, and what it is like to live with the immanent threat of deportation.

CAMP has invited the artists Ghazel (Iran/France) and Daniela Ortiz(Peru/Spain), and the artist run media lab Studio Revolt (Cambodia, USA, Japan) to engage these questions in the center’s new exhibitionDeportation Regime. They belong to a growing number of artists, whose artistic examinations of what it means to be an (im)migrant or exiled other, have led them to make work about deportation practices, experiences, and resistance. 

Deportation Regime
 presents three commissioned installations and live performances on the opening night that help us understand the logic behind deportation. 

Concurrently with the Deportation Regime opening, the National Gallery of Denmark, SMK, opens their new exhibition Migration Politics, which re-establishes three previous CAMP exhibitions in the museum.

+ info: http://campcph.org/

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