Daniela Ortiz

Daniela Ortiz, part of ReCollect! at Kunsthaus Zürich. Opening: 01.09.23

On September 1st 2023, Kunsthaus Zürich will be launching "ReCollect!", a series in which artists share their perspective on the museum’s collection in dialogue with their own works. 

Following curator Mirjam Varadinis’s idea that artists are important interpreters of art whose view can open up surprising perspectives and complement the curator's perspective, Daniela Ortiz will be exhibiting and presenting her art in connection to the museum’s collection. The purpose of this is to unfold new narratives and to enable the public to experience the collection in a new way by opening up new lines of interpretation.  

The presentations will open with Daniela Ortiz, Matias Faldbakken/Ida Ekblad and the art collective Hulda Zwingli. 

Link: https://www.kunsthaus.ch/en/sammlung/recollect/

Tags: opening, exhibition, artist talk