Harun Farocki, Antje Ehmann

Harun Farocki, Antje Ehmann (Solo Show): "arbeitsverhältnisse"(Working Conditions). Aut. Architektur und Tirol, Innsbruck, Austria. 10.07.16 > 10.09.16

"arbeitsverhältnisse" (Working Conditions). Aut. Architektur und Tirol, Innsbruck, Austria


"Philosophy questions: What is man? I ask myself: What is an image? In our culture, the images have to be of little importance. The images are taken into service. Man questioned the images in order to obtain information, and only that information that can be expressed in words and numbers. "(Harun Farocki)

That may be somewhat visible in images when taking them carefully and critically examined, puts them into new relationships or connecting them different ways, was a familiar insight to be found in Farocki's films. For he dedicated his life to the visualization of the invisible, watching the construction of media worlds and deciphering the instrumentalization of cameras and monitors as monitoring and control equipments.

Tags: exhibition

Photo: Matthias Rajmann