Harun Farocki

Harun Farocki. Comparison via a Third. "L'ÉCRAN : ENTRE ICI ET AILLEURS", CAPC Bordeaux. 22.01.15>15.03.15

The CAPC is dedicating a space to film and video and throughout 2015 offers  a series of exhibitions each for two months under the title "The Screen: Between here and elsewhere" (L´'ecran entre Ici et Ailleurs").

This program has been curated by guest curator, Anne-Sophie Dinant.

"The Screen: Between here and elsewhere"(L´'ecran entre Ici et Ailleurs") presents films and videos of international artists from different generations which explore political and social issues while developing a continuous investigation of the image. Based on the tradition of cinema, experimental or structural movies, these works create a reflection on the "political image". Through a special assembly, resulting from successive accumulation of images or a static, single frontal framing, these films and videos away conventional filmic forms to explore the status of the image and its possibilities.

"Between here and there" brings together works that focus on various geographies with distinct social specificities. The title also refers to the artist Harun Farocki, who died last year and whose double video projection Comparison via a Third, 2007, opened the program. Throughout his career as a filmmaker and video artist Harun Farocki was interested in an exploration of an "in between", the relationship between labor incisive editing and text, between image and language.



Tags: video, screening, exhibition

Video still. Harun Farocki, "Comparison via a Third", 2007.