Harun Farocki

Harun Farocki (Screening & discussion with Prof. Dr. Thomas Elsaesser): "Respite", Studio National Holocaust Museum, Amsterdam. 08.01.17

Respite resurrects film footage shot by Rudolf Breslauer, a temporary inmate of the Dutch transit camp for Jews, Westerbork. Commissioned by the camp's SS commandant, what the footage initially seems to show is a rare concentration camp relatively free of violence, death, pain and suffering. However, Farocki’s commentary and editing reveal facts that the images try to disguise. After the screening, Prof. Dr. Thomas Elsaesser discusses the multi-dimensional and influential oeuvre of Harun Farocki. English spoken.

In collaboration with LOOP Barcelona, Platform for artist films & videos.

Tags: screening

Still. Harun Farocki, "Respite", 2007.