Jeanno Gaussi

Jeanno Gaussi (Group Show): Global Female Inventories, Project Space Festival, BOX Freiraum, Berlin. 27.08.16 >18.09.16

[ENG] NOTE ON presents at BOX Freiraum three transcultural, artistic positions from the female perspective. Jeanno Gaussi, Zora Mann and Nina Zeljković's work encompasses glocally coded, non-individual collections and inventories.

Jeanno Gaussi re-contextualises objects such as traditional Afghan clothing, or skateboards that she repurposes as canvases, while Zora Mann probes the formal language of indigenous East African art, connecting these influences with amongst others, the coded motifs of Pop Art and science fiction. Nina Zeljković explores the economics of text and image production used in Serbian online classified ads selling household items, and transfers her research into restaged installations. The at times unexpected and humorous inventories of these three artists result in multi-facetted meanings that cross national and cultural identity fixations.

Curated by Imke Kannegießer

+ info: http://noteon.de/


Tags: exhibition