Lúa Coderch

Lúa Coderch (Group show): "As long as Summer lasts.Tamara Kuselman, Lua Coderch and Andrea Canepa". The Ryder Projects, London. 22.06.18 > 29.07.18


22 June – 1 July
Performance & Private view: Friday 22 June, 6 – 9 pm

Episode 2: LÚA CODERCH
6 – 15 July
Private view: Thursday 5 July, 6 – 9 pm

20 – 29 July
Private view: Thursday 19 July, 6 – 9 pm

According to earth’s axis of rotation in relation to the sun, in 2018 summer will last 93 days and 15 hours… now, isn’t that accurate? That figure has probably brought to mind ideas, memories, sensations: the sea, the sand, sweat, carelessness… 93 days and 15 hours of calm and sunshine …and then you realise you are in London, and your summer will probably last 10 days total. Sometimes a concept doesn’t match reality.

Summer, as with many other concepts, is taken for granted and it takes up its own place within the global ‘reality’. This place is determined by certain assumptions that attempt to capture the world by categorising perception and encapsulating emotions. Nevertheless we start sweating at different temperatures, we experience time in different speeds, you may hate the seaside and sadly my holidays will probably be shorter than yours.

As long as summer lasts is an exhibition in three phases with works by Tamara Kuselman, Lua Coderch and Andrea Canepa. The work of this group of artists deconstructs systems of meaning normally attached to perception and emotion to allow new ways of conceive them. Taking its cue from time and weather, the three phases will present the work of each artist alone for 10 days: the time London summer lasts according to many. By using this strategy the show aims to interact with audiences understanding each episode as an access point with their own ‘now’.

In an interview, John Cage characterised his long-time collaboration with Merce Cunningham by stating: ‘It’s less like an object and more like the weather. Because in an object, you can tell where the boundaries are. But with the weather, it’s impossible to say when something begins or ends.’ The works presented in this show take their cue from this inspirational quote and will become allies to the audience when questioning their subjective perception of reality, the uses of time and the role of the objects surrounding us.


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