Pedro G. Romero

Pedro G. Romero: Exhibition Exhibition "Popular"curated by the artist, IVAM, Valencia, Spain. 05.10.23 > 14.04.2024

The popular exhibition, an expansive look at the IVAM collection curated by Pedro G.Romero. The artist invites the spectators question: What is popular? The popular thing is not fame or the famous. The products of mass culture are not what is popular. The popular thing is not pop. What is popular is not the art of the people, nor the identity of the country, nor the symbols of the nation. The popular is not a product of the proletariat or craftsmanship of the working classes. Folklore is not what is popular. What is popular is not clichés or souvenirs for tourists. The popular thing is not the visual treats, the merchandise of everything for one euro, the royalties of advertising. The popular goes among all that, below all that, but it is something else. Popular is an exhibition and it is an investigation - teaching is a form of knowledge - that aims to answer that question.

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"Popular" exhibition view © IVAM