Richard T. Walker


FraenkelLAB is pleased to present new work by the San Francisco-based British artist Richard T. Walker, from June 3 through July 16, 2016. Walker employs a variety of media, including video, music, photography, and performance to explore and question the experience of the individual within the natural landscape. Featured at FraenkelLAB will be a series of new works, including neon sculptures, light box installations, photographic collages, and a single-channel video projection.

Solitude, human nature, and dialogue are the subjects of Richard T. Walker’s work. In the video an is that isn’t always (2015), the artist lies alone in the white sands of the New Mexico desert, recording his thoughts about how to begin to comprehend the expansive space of his surroundings. As the tableau changes, a mountain peak is replaced by a black-and-white image of a different summit. The focus moves from vast expanses of natural beauty to close-ups of unassuming rocks with simulated mountain peaks. An acoustic and electronic accompaniment is synchronized to the shifting views, creating a choreography of music and images. Ultimately, the artist seems to abandon a search for meaning that can be articulated through thoughts, sounds, or words.

Also featured in the exhibition are sculptures in which angular neon tubes pierce and wrap around rocks and branches, creating lines of bright light that envelope rough natural forms. Several other works incorporate sound elements, in the form of keyboards, guitars, microphones and amplifiers that appear to be capturing the frequency of stones and mountains.

Tags: exhibition