Richard T. Walker

Richard T. Walker / The Distance \ Letha Wilson (Group show) at CAPITAL, San Francisco, CA. 23.10.15> 05.12.15

Letha and Richard are friends. They met years ago at a residency program in Maine. This summer they reunited in the desert of Nevada, spending days shooting pictures, collecting rocks, and conversing until the idea for this show was crafted. Conversation is an important part of their practice; “for Richard and I, it’s like two different ways of looking at the same thing and perhaps two ways of trying to get at something impossible to understand.” Together they share this fascination with Things Sublime, Unfathomable Landscape, Open Sky. Letha and Richard each spend a lot time in nature, collecting objects, images, and footage — creating a ‘call and response’ with the landscape — and weaving these articles and memories of space/place into the work. For Richard, sound, text, and time-based media is as important as Letha’s need to experiment and test new materials. Both artists push what it means to make a photograph, sculpture, video, and/or derive a narrative from something complicated and truly amazing! For this two-person exhibition at CAPITAL Richard T. Walker and Letha Wilson work together but don’t necessarily collaborate.

+ info: http://www.capital.gallery/ 

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