Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson: "Illustrated Music" exhibition at José Guerrero Center, Granada, Spain. 26.10.23 > 28.01.24

Solo exhibition "Illustrated music" delves into the relationship between image and music in the work of Tom Johnson (Colorado, USA, 1939), a musician and composer who has tirelessly researched to broaden the limits of the arts and open new paths.

With a trajectory of more than five decades, he is the author of a musical work that transcends the borders of the strictly sonorous to interfere in the territories of the visual, the verbal and the mathematics.

The exhibition is organized into three very different areas that try to account for Johnson's broad universe. The ground floor focuses on Imaginary Music (Imaginary Music, 1974) and Symmetries (Symities, 1981), two series based on the image and the ability of the public to imagine music.



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