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Daniela Ortiz

Estat Nació - Part I

14.02.14 > 16.05.14



[ENG] The project Estat Nació (nation state) outlines a critical look at the construction of sovereignty through the use of discourses, laws and regulations involving people not recognized as citizens by the various immigration laws and regulations affecting the rights and freedoms of migrants. In turn, the project presents an analysis of various historical figures linked to colonial processes recognized in the public space today.

[CAST] El proyecto Estat Nació esboza una mirada crítica a la construcción de la soberanía a través del uso de discursos, leyes y reglamentos que involucran a personas no reconocidas como ciudadanos por las diversas leyes y reglamentos de inmigración que afectan los derechos y libertades de los migrantes. A su vez, el proyecto presenta un análisis de diversas figuras históricas vinculadas a procesos coloniales reconocidos en el espacio público actual.

Installation view: Exercise #1 Photography History - Through a series of photographs the artist analyzes the recognition that the city of Barcelona gives to historical figures and their direct involvement in colonial processes. The historical characters that are part of this series are: Christopher Columbus, General Joan Prim i Prats, Amat i Junyet, Valeriano Weyler, Antoni López i López, Josep Xifré and Joan Güell. In addition, the series is being completed with images of some of the institutions that collaborated and funded these colonial processes: the Bank of Barcelona, the Cercle Hispano Ultramarino and the Cercle Hispanoloconial. Each series of images is accompanied by a text that contextualizes and serves as a historical reference for each character / institution.

Installation view: Exercise #1 Photography History

Installation view (detail): Exercise #1 Photography History: General Joan Prim i Prats, 2014. Glicée on Hahnemüle paper. 40 x 160 cm + 40 x 40 cm.

Installation view (detail): Exercise #1 Photography History: Amat i Junyet, 2014. Glicée on Hahnemüle paper. 40 x 120 cm + 40 x 40 cm.

Installation view (detail): Exercise #1 Photography History: Cristobal Colón, 2014. Glicée on Hahnemüle paper. 40 x 150 cm + 40 x 40 cm.

Installation view (detail): Exercise #1 Photography History: Amat i Junyet, 2014. Glicée on Hahnemüle paper. 40 x 40 cm.(text)

Installation view: Exercise #2 Alien cards. Residence and renovation. Notebook, ink, paper Din A-4. 20 x 30 cm. Transcription made by migrants and taken from the DGI/BSF/1/2013 instruction issued by the Government of Catalonia in which the general criteria for the preparation of reports establishing residence, are established. This is an indispensable document for the application process and renewal of their residence permit for non-European citizens.

Installation view: Exercise #3 Media Discourse – Transcription made my migrants taken from a series of press articles and official Catalan documents / Ink on paper, wooden shelves and glass

Installation view: Exercise #4 Political Discourse – Catalan pronunciation class inspired by the statements made by political leaders related to the migrant population / Video, color, sound, 14 min.

Installation view: Sala Minicinema: CC-13 - Video HD, color, sound, 20 min. 14 seg. This video shows images of buildings and public monuments located around the city and linked to historical characters, who were part of the Catalan bourgeoisie of the 19th century, and who were directly linked to the colonial and slavery processes. At the same time, this video presents and contrasts the testimony of Mamadou Kerala, a member of the Pan African Federation of Catalonia, who makes a reflection on the slavery-related past of those characters linked to the history of Catalonia, with some of the participants of the Catalan Way (September 11th 2014), who are being questioned by the artist regarding the possibility of removing the monument of Christopher Columbus from Barcelona's public space.