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Esther Ferrer

Frieze Masters - Spotlight, with Esther Ferrer

11.10.12 > 14.10.12


We are proud to present a solo show by Esther Ferrer (1937), the most important Spanish performer, with historical pieces from her key series Prime Numbers along with a selection of photographs from her most relevant performances.

The pieces that compose the Prime Number series are feminist actions themselves. By using threads and nails she tries to put some logic into the chaos of the universe. It is by emulating the traditionally masculine action of painting that she invests the Prime Numbers with the power of determining the final image, challenging its traditional source from a feminist perspective. 

Esther Ferrer, best known as a proponent of free expression, confrontation, feminism and authentic experience, has performed, both as a soloist and as a member of pioneering experimental music and performance art group ZAJ (formed 1964). Alongside composers Juan Hidalgo and Walter Marchetti, Ferrer participated in the group's 'visible music' actions and extended concerts. Throughout her carrer she has collaborated with relevant artists such as John Cage.