Jaime Pitarch

2008. Jaime Pitarch, twothousandandnine / dosmilnueve


Special Art Project for Havas Media 

On each page of this calendar Pitarch builds a phrase that contains a number of letters resulting from the sum of the number of days of the month in question, plus the number of letters making up the name of the month. For example, April has 30 days and then there are the five letters that make up the word April. So altogether there are 35 letters with which he crafts the aphorism or suggestion for the month of April.

Each phrase expresses a reflection or an action that asks you to stop and think or act, and to be especially aware of the precise moment you are about to live in which time is not going to be consumed but rather experienced.

The artist recommends hanging the calendar on the wall and turning the page at the start of every new month. Once a month has been laid to rest, and if you so desire, he also suggests tearing off the page so as to enjoy that cathartic release of gradually destroying a work of art.

Aside from the fact that it was exclusively created for Havas Media, what appeals to us about this project is the healthy radicalism and lack of concessions in the artist’s approach. It is a radicalism shown both in this invitation to destroy his own work and in his choice of such an apparently hackneyed object, one that is so devoid of historical or artistic lustre in order to make, unmake and question what we call art.


2008 project for Havas Media Group

2008 project for Havas Media Group

twothousandandnine. Cover of the calendar.

January (Spanish)

April (English)

June (Catalan)

July (French)

Year view of the calendar