Carlos Casas

Cemetery. Journeys to the Elephant Graveyard and Beyond

2020. 26,00€

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The work of Carlos Casas stands in the crossover of documentary film, sound and visual arts, trying to extend the boundaries of contemporary visual experience, with the manners of an anthropologist and the goals of a visual artist, his works document with poetry and accuracy environments and people who can be found in the limits of our planet.

Cemetery. Journeys to the Elephant Graveyard and Beyond compiles a selection of the visual and research materials accumulated during the development of the film and project Cemetery (2009–2019). This book presents the artist’s research process from early archival investigations to location photography, from drawings and diagrams to collages, from archive films to archive boards, shedding light on the early stages of the development of Cemetery. Inspired by and based on the elephant graveyard myth, the film questions not only our idea of nature and the meaning of the myth but also the ability of cinema to move us, to affect us and to shape us. “It combines images with sound and vibrations to induce new corporeal modes of interspecies relationship.” The film “creates a complex sensorial experience that collapses the boundaries between art, nature documentary and adventure film.”



Paperback, 312 pages, 15,5 x 22 cm
ISBN 9791280336002