Mònica Planes

Construccions filials: la cimentera i el ciment


I am interested in the relationship between the body and architectural structures, in both, the physical and mental relationship that is established with the spaces we occupy. I analyse how the characteristics of these structures affect our daily behaviour and determine the way we perceive the environment and, therefore, how we relate to it. I try to address this relationship through sculpture, taking on questions of form, materiality and appearance. In fact, I think of sculpture as the materialisation of this relationship, as the fusion of the body with an architectural structure. — Mònica Planes

Construccions filials: la cimentera i el ciment is a book edited after Mònica Planes' eponymous exhibition at Centre Cívic Can Felipa (Barcelona). It incorporates 'Son i vigilia', a text by the artist, and 'Hot Clínker', with stories and drawings by Lucia C. Pino.

Photographs by Roberto Ruiz. Designed by Montse Arderiu and Miranda Perez-Hita.