Peter Gallo - Anthony Reynolds Gallery in residence at àngels barcelona (2016)

In order to explore new ways for opening up the practice of gallerism, àngels barcelona invites "in residence" the gallerist Anthony Reynolds.

For this entrepreneurial initiative, Anthony Reynolds and àngels barcelona are pleased to present the first exhibition in Spain of the American artist Peter Gallo.

To quote the words of Anthony Reynolds the choice of Peter Gallo for this adventure between both galleries is based on three principal reasons: “First, Gallo is an artist of real importance to the contemporary psyche. Secondly, àngels is a gallery resolutely focused on new media, performance and the photographic or moving image; as an apparently rude interloper in this family, a true painter can provoke fascinating questions regarding the symbiotic relationship of medium and content. And finally, the Spanish passion for painting, and particularly the representational capacity of the material of paint, presents an intriguing context for Gallo’s work”.